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It has been proven time and time again that one of the most beneficial things a growing mind can do is read regularly. Reading not only enhances the brain's neuropathways - it offers new and informative viewpoints, expands perspectives, and opens up worlds of imagination and creativity.

We at reading circle believe that making reading a more open and social experience is crucial to keeping today's children and young adults engaged in this critical endeavor. Students can share their current reads and bookshelves with friends, can compare reflections and analyses with their peers, and inspire a love of reading in one another.

Let a love of reading take root and grown in your classroom and your home today.

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Reading Book
Service One
Shared Bookshelf

Students are exposed to a variety of books that their peers are reading and can build up their on reading list.

Service Two
Share with Cohort

Users share and see posts within their classroom cohort, and are not exposed to or overwhelmed by too much input.

Service Three
Explore Individually

Any books being read can be added to the application, allowing users to share their passions with peers.

About Us

About Us

This website is the work of love of a bookworm and mother. Raised on books, consuming story after story at the local library and at home, our founder knew that instilling a love of reading in her children would be one of her guiding principles as a parent.

Children today are not living in the same world their parents grew up in. Devices and media are everywhere we go, and often an old-school seeming activity like picking up a book simply can't compete against the draw of the screen. That is why reading circle aims to add a social aspect to books, to show the young just what they can discover within their pages.

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What Our Users Say

Teachers, parents, and students love reading circle! With sharing a love of reading as our guiding focus, and new features released regularly, what's not to love? Here are just a few of the kind words we've received:

Jennifer - Teacher
Connecting more than Ever

Since signing up and trying out reading circle with my classes, I've noticed a deeper connection and understanding to the assigned readings, and more thoughtful discussion during class time.

Students are sharing their own reads, ranging from non-fiction interests to graphic novels, and I'm discovering more about what they enjoy every day.

Jennifer T. - Teacher

Bridget - Parent
Brought back the Joy

My children are both in elementary school and remote learning has had many ups and downs.

I am so thankful their teachers brought reading circle into the classroom. There are no more tears at daily reading time, and they're asking me to get books their friends shared. Thank you!

Bridget S. - Parent

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The reading circle is always growing and improving. If you have a feature idea, a comment, or just want to say 'hi,' feel free to reach out.

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